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Colombia Tolima Washed

Colombia Tolima Washed

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Cocoa, caramel, brown sugar, & bright fruit


Regional Selects is a new project we are creating in Colombia meant to highlight the unique profiles we have found are inherent in specific microregions within Colombia.  The regions we will begin highlighting to start are Huila, Narino, Cauca and Tolima.

Tolima is a Department in Colombia in the center West of the country.  This part of the country has been difficult to travel to over the last ten years and is still a little dicey and pretty remote. Coffees from here, when done right, are nutty, tangy and fruity with creamy body and clean lingering acidity.

Coffee Care

To keep coffee fresh, store it in an airtight container at room temperature, away from light, heat, and moisture.

Coffee best by information

Whole Bean: Freshest before 30 days

Ground: Freshest before 10 days

Note that coffee does not expire, but quality degrades over time due to the releasing of gases

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  • Medium Body

    Balanced flavor with more body and richness than a light body, notes of chocolate, nuttiness, and fruitiness.

  • Bright Acidity

    Lively and tangy flavor, with bright acidity that can be intense and even overpowering. Notes of tropical fruit, citrus, and floral.

  • Single Origin

    Coffee beans sourced from a specific region or farm, with unique flavors and characteristics. Best enjoyed black.