We are passionate about coffee and believe that community spaces like yours deserve the best service possible.

At La Terza, we know that coffee creates community and that the cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants we serve are vital to the social health of our society. Fueled by a coffee and a passion for serving, our team will do whatever it takes to see you succeed.

David Gaines, Cheif Executive Officer

Robert Gatesi, Master Roaster

Mike Gaines, Account Manager

Jonnie Taylor, Growth Manager

Jess Gulino, Account Relations

Jonathan Wiseman, Assistant Roaster

La Terza recommends their favorites


Our Honduras coffees are rich in flavor and it supports our direct trade partnership.

David, CEO

Ethiopia Natural

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, drinking it is like taking a walk back in time.

Robert, Master Roaster

Sumatra Triple Picked

Our Triple Picked Sumatra has a high-end vibe that's big, bold, syrupy, with a subtle bite.

Mike, Wholesale Manager

Sundial Blend

Our summer seasonal Sundial Blend is what you want from it - comforting!

Jess, Account Relations

Hyde Park Blend

The Hyde Park Blend combines a bold and tasty flavor and that's great at any time.

Jonnie, Growth Manager

Ethiopia Natural

I love our Natrural Processed Ethiopia for its fruit-forward flavor and brightness.

Jonathan, Roaster