What's included ?

About the Cohort

La Terza University’s Coffee Accelerator Course will guide your customers through all stages of opening a coffee shop: from ideation, feasibility, and business planning, to developing team culture, market launch, and long-term sustainability.


- Dozens of hours of vetted course materials, printed and video

- Weekly workshopping with cohort team members

- Weekly office hours for on-going support

- Two hours of personalized coaching calls

- Expert guest webinars spanning PR, inclusivity and antiracism in the coffee shop, adding CBD, social media 101, branding and more (valued at well over $1k itself)

- Consistent cohort collaboration and community

- Specialty Tea Training and Samples

- Access to the Cloverleaf platform

- A welcome gift of goodies, including coffee, workbook, brewer, etc


Frequently Asked Questions

When does it start? 

We run cohorts quarterly in the Spring, Fall, and Winter.

How long does the course last? 

7 weeks of programming

How do I sign up? 

Sign up at LaTerzaUniversity.com/JoinCohort

How long are the calls/meetings?

Calls are scheduled for an hour. Your time is valuable!

Can my business partner or manager participate in the course with me? 

Yes! We invite collaboration. If an additional workbook is required, we ask for a small, added fee.

What sort of results can I expect? 

This course is designed to equip cafe owners and managers with business tools needed to not only open up a coffee shop, but to succeed and thrive quicker. You will walk away well-versed in everything coffee, from history to preparation, from hiring to employee handbooks, from branding to marketing, from financial modeling to raising money, from real estate to plumbing, from equipment to brewing, and MORE! Find the entire list of tangible takeaways here.

What is the total value? 

The Coffee Accelerator Course is valued at over $6000

How much does it cost? 

For YOU $2,995

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