Conversations with David Gaines

La Terza Coffee, Chief Visionary and CEO

Why are you passionate about coffee?

The first time I visited a coffee plantation, one of the most memorable moments was seeing the coffee sorted. Even with all of the best growing practices, a coffee tree still produces many different grades of coffee and requires someone to go through the beans selecting only the best to be sold as specialty coffee.

The woman I met sorting was in her 80’s and I was struck by her huge smile and radiating joy. She loved her job! And knowing that we had a relationship with the producer, I know that she was being paid appropriately.

I left that moment with such renewed purpose about our passion for detail. I turned to walk away and said out loud, “ok, THAT’S why we work to find the perfect roast profiles of each of our coffees. THAT’S why we put so much energy into delivering our coffee within 48 hours of roasting. The work of this woman matters, and it’s our job to honor her and her work in the way we roast our coffee.

Who is Behind La Terza's Coffee?

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Why is Coffee so Important ?

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What Makes La Terza Special ?

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Our crafted coffee gives you a moment to remember...

Every batch is mindfully roasted

Our crafted coffee gives yourself and others a moment to connect

Remember the hands that harvest these beans

Sourced with purpose and hope

Experience intentional coffee that inspires conversation

Socially Responsible Partnerships

  • One of our primary suppliers of green coffee, Cafe Imports seeks to both empower and respect coffee growers through a living wage and reduce the negative effects that the coffee industry can have on our planet.
  • La Terza is partnering with the Department of Student Services, a start-up grant from the Ohio Department of Education, and the Viaquest Foundation to give students in Cincinnati an opportunity to begin and sustain their own businesses at CPS.


La Terza Artisan Coffee Roasterie

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 3pm

Saturday: 9am - 1pm


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