Brazil Moscardini is Back!

Brazil Moscardini is Back!

Some of you may remember the Brazil Moscardini from last April. We are excited to have it back this year! This coffee is described as having citrus, white peach, and herbal notes with a sweet aftertaste. It is medium bodied with a lively acidity and it comes from a family of highly respected growers in the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil, the Moscardinis.

The fermentation process for this particular coffee is quite unique. Our importer, InterAmerican Coffee says,

"The natural controlled fermentation process is rigorously overseen. First, the Moscardinis carefully select the cherries for these lots and arrange them in thick piles, so they begin to ferment; at night, the piles are covered to keep to keep in their moisture. For three to four days, the humidity level and temperature of the cherries are meticulously tracked, as the fermentation continues, and the piles are spread out into thinner layers, so fermentation continues at a slower rate for another few days. Finally, after about seven days, the coffee is dried on the patios until the desired moisture level is achieved."

The Moscardinis believe in utilizing new approaches and technologies, with the goal of offering a truly unique cup of coffee. We are excited to have this single-origin back at La Terza!

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