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Honduras Anaerobic Natural Fermentation

Honduras Anaerobic Natural Fermentation

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The Coffee

Honey, candied lemon, graham cracker, bakers chocolate

With Anaerobic fermentation, the coffee is stored in airtight tanks and pumped with CO2 to force the oxygen out. By allowing the coffee seeds to mix with the mucilage in an oxygen free environment, the fruity and acidic flavors of the mucilage are able to penetrate deeper into the seed. This results to a taste profile that is reminiscent of ripe tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, passion fruit with a much creamier mouth-feel.


The Story

La Terza believes in the magic of coffee as a catalyst for connection with self, others, and within communities. Our mission is to supply and empower more “third places” with fresh and meticulously roasted beans that were relationally, ethically, and sustainably sourced, along with all of the services and products needed to run a profitable coffee business, so that we can spend less time on those uncompromising details and more time connecting our communities and creating a safe space for deeper dialogues over coffee.

Our direct trade partnership with Katie Duke, who has experienced gender inequality in her profession, intentionally hires women in her community, providing consistent work to those who otherwise might not have it. She's even built a school on her farm for 40 local children to provide access to education.

Donations made to Katia will empower women coffee producers to continue the amazing work they've done for their communities. More details on how the fundraiser can be found on our blog.


Coffee Care

To keep coffee fresh, store it in an airtight container at room temperature, away from light, heat, and moisture.

Coffee best by information

Whole Bean: Freshest before 30 days

Ground: Freshest before 10 days

Note that coffee does not expire, but quality degrades over time due to the releasing of gases

Brew Guides

For information on brewing, visit our Brewing Guides Blog

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  • Medium Body

    Balanced flavor with more body and richness than a light body, notes of chocolate, nuttiness, and fruitiness.

  • Bright Acidity

    Lively and tangy flavor, with bright acidity that can be intense and even overpowering. Notes of tropical fruit, citrus, and floral.

  • Single Origin

    Coffee beans sourced from a specific region or farm, with unique flavors and characteristics. Best enjoyed black.