Mexican Chiapas Finca Nueva Linda

The Cup

Roast Level: Light

Cupping Notes: Sweet, nutty and clean, with elegant white grape like acidity

The Specs

Varietal Mundo Nova, Caturro
Proc Method Fully Washed and Patio Dried

The Story

Nueva Linda is a Specialty Coffee Estate located in the Sierra Madre mountains of Southern Mexico in the state of Chiapas. The farm shares a buffer with the Triunfo Biospehere reserve, a tropical cloud forest preserve of some 50,000 acres, which helps to temper a changing climate and provide rich soil and clean water.

Don Octavio Moguel Farrera started in coffee farming as a driver in another farm, from there a love to produce coffee was born. After years of effort and hard work he purchased a small farm and began his life of quality coffee production.

He pulps his coffee, uses demucilage machines to remove the sugars, washes in clean water and dries in the sun.

This farm is en route to RA certification