Colombia Supremo Popayan

The Cup

Roast Level: Light

Cupping Notes: Acidity: Medium || Body: Medium || Flavor: Sweet, Winey, Dark Chocolate

The Specs

Varietal Various
Proc Method Fully Washed, Sundried
Harvest April-December

The Story

The city of Popayan is the capital of the state of Cauca, lying on the southern portion of Colombia. The surrounding coffee region is on the plateau where the Andes mountain range reaches southern Colombia from Ecuador. The Andes from there on breaks into the 3 separate mountain ranges (cordilleras) that cross the country from south to north. The Cauca and Popayan plateau is at an average of 1600 meters above sea level, and includes neighboring Purace volcano which has over time produced a rich volcanic soil.

Coffee farms in the region are mostly of less than 5 hectares, and there are also several indigenous population groups growing coffee since several decades. There are two rainy seasons which produce a main crop and a mid crop, guaranteeing fresh coffee all year round. The main crop is between April and December and the somewhat smaller mid crop is between Dec and January. All cherries are handpicked and then pulped and washed in the farms. The dry parchment is then sold to a dry mill who arranges selection and export.