Direct Trade Peru San Ignacio La Flor del Zapote

The Cup

Roast Level: Light

Cupping Notes: Acidity: Bright || Body: Medium || Flavor: Toffee sweetness, key lime, green apple

The Specs

Varietal Paiche, Bourbon, Caturra, Catimor
Proc Method Fully washed and sun-dried

The Story

La Flor de Zapote or “The Flower of Zapote”, is a small family run farm in the mountains of Northern Peru. Northern Peru is legendary for producing coffee with bright, rich flavors. At some of the highest global growing elevations, the “Amazon Andes” yield some of the best developed flavor profiles in the world.

The farm was named for a fruit typical to the region, which is one of the many plants that a grow alongside the coffee and support crop biodiversity. La Flor de Zapote is located. This farm, located between the villages La Palma and Las Pirias, in the San Ignacio province,and the department of Cajamarca, is 4 decades old and is run by Rony Lavan Guerrero and his family of 8. The production is modest at around 200-250 qq per year, managed mainly by the family with the help of 5-7 local workers hired during the harvest season.

Coffee production at La Flor de Zapote consists of 40% Bourbon, 10% Caturra, 30% Paiche and 20% Catimor grown at 1700m. Surrounding fruit trees provide shade coverage and only organic fertilizers are used. During the winter harvest, fully ripened cherries are hand-picked, wet-processed and allowed to gradually sun-dry concrete beds for 7-12 days. Parchment is driven to the local dry-mill, Rain Fores, where it undergoes a meticulous sorting procedure.Once ready for export, the parchment is hulled and the green coffee is loaded into Grain-Pro lined jute bags for shipment from the port of Paita.