Guatemala Atitlan San Pedro La Laguna

The Cup

Roast Level: Light

Cupping Notes: Acidity: Bright || Body: Medium || Flavor: Caramel pecan and lemongrass

The Specs

Varietal Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
Proc Method Fully washed and sun dried

The Story

Throughout the harvest many lots from San Pedro, Atitlan were cupped and classified according to their cup quality and profile. The best lots were selected to form this microlot which is the best expression of what this region can offer.

Average Rainfall: 2000mm

Average Temperature: 68 - 73 F

Humidity: 75 - 85%

Soil: Volcanic

Atitlan’s soil is rich with organic matter; 90% of coffee in Atitlan is cultivated along volcanic slopes that surround Lake Atitlan. Dailywinds stir the cold lake waters influencing variations for the micro-climates of the region..